Month: June 2017

Have you been involved in a Road Accident?

Being injured in an accident will be a very upsetting experience for you and depending on how serious your injuries are, possibly even life changing. We understand that you will be feeling upset, in pain and worried about your future, your job and how you will cope financially if your injuries are life changing, but we can help you with your claim for compensation and take some of the pressure from you so you can focus on your recovery.

Whether you were the driver of, or passenger in a vehicle/bus/bicycle/motorcycle that was involved in a collision which wasn’t your fault, or a pedestrian/cyclist who was hit by a vehicle and suffered injuries as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.
Was the driver uninsured or untraceable?
If the driver was uninsured or failed to stop at the scene, do not panic! You may still be able to claim compensation. We at Gary Matthews Solicitors will liaise with the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland, a body which was established to protect those who have suffered injuries as a result of a Road Traffic Accident in which the driver was uninsured or untraceable, to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.
I have received an offer from the third party’s company but I don’t know whether to accept it?
Often insurance companies make offers which are not the true value of your case in order to settle the matter quickly. Such an offer is in their best interest, BUT NOT YOURS! We would not recommend considering any offer from the other party’s insurers in the initial period after your accident without contacting Gary Matthews Solicitors for advice as to whether or not the offer is reasonable.
What should I do after I have been involved in an accident?
Contact Gary Matthews Solicitors immediately (before contacting any insurance company) for free initial, no obligation advice as to whether we believe you have a winnable case. If we believe you have a successful case, we will pay all outlays on your behalf and assist you in bringing your case to a successful conclusion.
Important note – Avoid your insurer
If you use your own insurers, this may affect your no claims bonus. It is also possible that your insurer may be the same as (or has a relationship with) the other party’s insurers! Whatever you do, avoid those insurers and anyone who may be involved with them. You need independent advice.
If you need help or advice on what to do, there are several ways of getting in touch with us. You can call us on 01 903 6250 to discuss your query, or if you prefer to contact us online you can email us on or complete our Start Your Claim form by completing the form below or simply click on our Request a Call Back button above and we’ll be in touch shortly.